Trinnov Joins Platinum Home Theaters’ Premium Product Line

Platinum Home Theaters is elated to announce our association with Trinnov Audio, manufacturers of the only immersive audio processor capable of handling up to 32 channels, for installation in custom home theaters.  The typical AVR with Atmos capability is limited to just a small handful of height speakers, and is also extremely limited in where they can be positioned.  Trinnov’s technology not only  can fully decode Atmos (Dolby’s object-oriented immersive sound system) but also DTS:X and Auro-3D, making Trinnov’s product line the most flexible and adaptable of any immersive technology product on earth.  Now with several new Pre-Pros and a complete line of multi-channel amplifiers, the reality of professional screening-room quality immersive audio is within the grasp of discriminating home theater owners.

Trinnov fully removes the restrictions imposed by AVRs of a limited number of height speakers combined with location restrictions with up to 32 channels of processing, and proprietary virtual speaker location processing that lets you places speakers where you can, but hear them where they should be.  Combined with premium high performance Trinnov multi-channel amplifiers, we can now create superlative immersive sound in world-class home cinemas.

Watch the Platinum Home Theaters web site for additional information, or contact us using the email link.