Superbowl Home Theater Tune-up!

Superbowl 2014 is Feb 2…the countdown is running! Get your system tweaked and peaked…tuned up for your Superbowl party this year! Make sure it’s looking and sounding its best with a Superbowl Tune-up package from Platinum Home Theaters.

It’s simple: contact us by email (email only, please!), we’ll set up an appointment. We’ll check everything out, make sure it’s all working right, fix simple problems (and tell you about any serious ones), do a basic once-over of sound and picture, all for $99! It’s everything you need to do except shop for junk food.

Package does not include Audyssey Pro calibration, ISF video calibration, or component repairs. Package includes up to 90 minutes of technician’s time on-site. Limited to customers within a 25 mile radius (email us to be sure you’re in!).