CEDIA News 2013 – 1 New Epson projectors sport Lotsa Lumens

Brightness in projector is, literally, the “hot” specification, right beside contrast ratio. While often misinterpreted or inflated, the brightness spec relates directly to how bright a picture you can project, especially in the lossy 3D modes.  But it’s not the only important feature, and Epson‘s new projector balance the hot and the important for a new set of high performance, high-value projectors.

Epson’s new projectors are bright, but add some extra features that even modest home theaters can benefit from. Their new “Ultrabright Pro Cinema” line has models at 6000, 5200, and 4000 lumens, 3D capability, and (at least on one unit) HDBaseT (thank you!). One model includes an internal anamorphic processor for 2.35 aspect ratio projection. This is a higher-end line.

In the realm of darker rooms and smaller wallets, Epson has their Pro Cinema 1080p units with active 3D support, Fujinon lenses, and 480Hz drive technology. A new feature that will appeal to hard-core film buffs is the Black and White Cinema mode targeted at viewing classic films. Also included is THX certification, and picture-in-picture functions. Models start at $2499 and top at $7499 MSRP

All available through Platinum of course.

IOS 7 and Platinum Control

To our customers with our Platinum Control system (built with iRule), Apple has released IOS 7, and you may have already received the update notice.  But please DO NOT update to IOS 7 yet!  While we expect no issues, it has not been fully tested with iRule, and we do not know what issues there may be.  Since your control system is “mission-critical”, we urge you to hold of until iRule’s development team has fully tested their app for compatibility and security.  We will advise here when the update is safe to do.