Home Theaters and Media Rooms Help Sell Your House!

Not exactly sure why this would surprise anyone, but it’s official now: Home Theaters, Media Rooms, distributed audio, networks and intercoms all help sell homes.

Here’s an excerpt from “Do Home Theaters Actually Help Sell Homes In Today’s Real Estate Market?” By: Jerry Del Colliano, August 6, 2012, Home Theater Review:

“Laura Gallagher is a Remax real estate agent in Collegeville, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia), who says, “Often, we see media rooms as part of finished basements in the homes in our market which average about $375,000 a property. While I don’t think an appraiser would put a specific premium on the value of a home because of a distributed audio system or media room, it sure does help differentiate a home from the competition. In developments where one house is very similar to the next and there are many houses for sale at any given time, the one with the flat-screen TVs, media room or even the sub-zero fridge will sell first.” “

(bold type, ours)

In some markets, media rooms and home theaters are expected in better homes.  Those that have them already clearly have the edge.  Why is the edge so important?  You may not fully get it until you try to sell your home, but there are tons of homes on the market and lower than ever prices, many of them distressed sales in some way.  You need features to differentiate your home beyond others of the same square footage and design, and technology is what young buyers want.

Yes, your A/V investment can make a difference, not only in your enjoyment of life, but your ability to light on your feet in the real estate market, should that need arise.