Remote control problem solved. Next?

It’s been a 6 year project.  The search for the perfect Home Theater Control System (no, I didn’t say “remote”) has been exhaustive, but we’re now installing the solution.  Yes, we can get rid of a whole coffee table-full of remotes, but so much more than that, we’ve created our own custom system that navigates easily, and works flawlessly. 

The basis for the system is the iPad (any version). The “control ladder” (the system of navigation and logic) was designed by someone without any technical knowledge, but who needs to use the system.  The result was passed through technical refinement and development, graphic design, and programming, to end up with the Platinum Control System. 

As we re-build this web site, watch for it being featured prominently, and call us for a quote. 

Just to tease a bit, we are often asked what devices we can control with our iPad-based system.  The answer, and this is not an exaggeration, is: “Anything that can be switched on or off, or controlled with IR, IP, RS232 or contacts”. That, friends, is pretty much anything.  We could even start your car with the iPad.  Water your lawn.  See who’s at the front door.  Change your thermostat.  No limits.

For simplicity, command sequences are built so we can do a “Start Show” function that sequentially starts a movie, dims the lights, and starts the popcorn. 

Got your imagination going yet?  Stay tuned.

Oh, and it’s the most economical solution of its kind. 

Not how I remember camping…

Camping.  The communal activity of squeezing half the rated man count into a tent on a hot summer night, then slapping bugs and telling goofy stories instead of sleeping.  Right?  The family that camps together…crabs at each other.

Well, no longer.  One of our installers recently went “camping” for the weekend, and brought along the entertainment.  His camp-site theater consisted of a tiny LED projector (fits in a pocket), an iPod with video on it, a small sound system, and a piece of white cloth to act as a portable screen.  Yes, the cloth was acoustically transparent, so the speakers were behind the screen. 

By all reports, it was a smashing success right up until the park ranger asked them to turn down the already barely audible sound.  Now he is wishing for a headphone distribution amp!

Other equipment at adjacent sites: a mini microwave, fridge, instant-up tent, hyper-ventilation blower, collapsible gas grill, and of course, smart phones with radar weather maps.

But really…front projection AT screen in a tent.  Um… now let me just sit an recover from the current case of future shock.