3D Causes Cancer!

“3D Causes Cancer in Lab Rats!”

Yes, it’s my first “teaser” headline. Sorry. Not true. But there are some people expounding on the possible problems with 3D projection and video. Oddly, some of the strongest articles are coming from a Broadcast trade journal, Broadcast Engineering. Here are the links:

Unknown Heal Issues Loom as 3D is Deployed

Roger Eber’s Alternative Perspective on 3D

Not (3D) Tonight, Dear, I Have A Headache…

Note in the first article that Samsung’s health warning sounds more like an spot for the latest anti-depressant drug.

There are many factors for 3D eyestrain and headaches, but the biggest one is that 3D images force your eyes to converge on a virtual image at one location (close to you), but the real image requires them to focus on a different plane (farther from you). This never happens in life, and like other physical abilities, such as flexibility, some people can do it, and to varying degrees, some can’t. It’s now estimated that almost 20% of 3D viewers have “issues”.

Here’s our concern. If you watch a 3D movie, you’ve been exposed to this visual challenge for 2 hours, more or less. If 3D becomes standard on TV, which people watch for hours on end, day after day, your highly adaptable visual system may try to adapt to something that is flawed to begin with, causing longer term health issues.

It’s very early in the game, but if 3D were a drug, it’s unlikely that it would be FDA approved if 20% of test subjects experienced negative side effects. Oddly, the FDA might approve a drug with a low percentage of subjects with side effects, but more severe ones. We constantly laugh at the anti-depressant drug ads which warn of possible side effects, like death for example.

Platinum Home Theater’s stand on 3D is “Caution”. If a client demands it, we’ll install it with the proper waiver/disclaimer. But we don’t plan to actively promote it until 3D is shown to be free of health issues.

On the other hand, highly dimensional audio systems like Audyssey DSX, causes only one side-effect: Increased Enjoyment! Highly dimensional audio adds to the “suspension of disbelief” so important for home theater systems. It also is “backwards compatible” with your existing media library, and ready for any future material in all surround formats. Try that with 3D!

Audyssey’s DSX 9.1 surround is our pick for the ultimate in HT sound systems.